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Row Of The Woods by RowenaWolfsong Row Of The Woods :iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 0 0
A Thought
Not often is the course of a single person's life at such a low level that one cruel word can send them spiralling into the Abyss. Truly, this level is only reached once in most cases, and none in some. Yet there are a small group of people whose lives slowly rotate around the Abyss, words bringing them back up and knocking them back down at the same time. I was once one of these people. I could feel the Abyss pulling, yearning to swallow me whole. I nearly fell into it a few times; nearly let the cold tendrils of Death reach up and pull me in. And then, out of the darkness I was floating in, a light shone through. A beacon, brilliantly lighting up the sky as I hung there, motionless, nearly too weak to move away from the Abyss. Strong arms and gentle hands lifted me from there, cradled me. Gentle words washed over my tortured frame, and slowly, I healed, held together with duct tape and glitter glue and twine, like a child's favorite toy. Slowly, I learned to love again, and Death's c
:iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 0 0
Musicality by RowenaWolfsong Musicality :iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 0 0 Piano by RowenaWolfsong Piano :iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 0 0 Fountain Time by RowenaWolfsong Fountain Time :iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 1 0 Gwynn Again by RowenaWolfsong Gwynn Again :iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 0 0 Gwynn by RowenaWolfsong Gwynn :iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 0 0
Mature content
Same Perv, Different Day- Yet Another FanFic Thing :iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 0 0
Gwynn's Entrance- An RP Entrance for Eraoa (IMVU)
Gwynn was, as per usual, taller than most of the people she passed. Being around six foot tall had its advantages, and its disadvantages. She sighed, rubbing her hand through her hair, patting down a few loose tendrils. People often claimed she had Elvish blood in her veins, due to her pointed ears and tall, lanky figure. This was not so- she was actually a Benedanti, a clan of half-demonic beings. Not only was she a Benedanti, but also a weilder of the ka'kari- two, in fact- and as such, could perform different tasks due to them. The Gold, which had been the one she was born with, had given her the power to "turn back time", and heal other's wounds at a small cost to herself. It also allowed her to conjure food. The White, one that she had acquired only after meeting her brother, was one that she rarely, if ever, used; the White was the ka'kari of seduction and sexual prowess, and she was loathe to use it. She smiled and nodded at the people of Eduviel, most of which bowed slightly as
:iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 0 1
Mature content
A Request - Don't ask, Don't tell. :iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 0 0
Nina stole the money AGAIN... by RowenaWolfsong Nina stole the money AGAIN... :iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 0 2 Rowena-Front by RowenaWolfsong Rowena-Front :iconrowenawolfsong:RowenaWolfsong 1 4
Here, there be fan girls! No, really. Check my other things out; who knows what you'll find?


Steven universe scene redraw by Ful-Fisk Steven universe scene redraw :iconful-fisk:Ful-Fisk 1,034 25 Terry Pratchett by Risachantag Terry Pratchett :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 1,130 79 Over the Rainbow by TsaoShin Over the Rainbow :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 5,604 693 Baguile Custom by joeyarts Baguile Custom :iconjoeyarts:joeyarts 1 0 Aggie Custom by joeyarts Aggie Custom :iconjoeyarts:joeyarts 3 0 Stealth Skill by MiasmaMethod Stealth Skill :iconmiasmamethod:MiasmaMethod 4 0 Mello by Tovarish-N Mello :icontovarish-n:Tovarish-N 97 1 Cosplay: Matt and Mello (yaoi) by Tovarish-N Cosplay: Matt and Mello (yaoi) :icontovarish-n:Tovarish-N 125 8 Mello #1 by Tovarish-N Mello #1 :icontovarish-n:Tovarish-N 93 5 Dakimakura Levi/Eren by Tovarish-N Dakimakura Levi/Eren :icontovarish-n:Tovarish-N 313 47 OP - Hold my flower by Kyyhkynen OP - Hold my flower :iconkyyhkynen:Kyyhkynen 617 50 Ahndante IMVU's Lacing Tutorial by PurdyBirdProductions Ahndante IMVU's Lacing Tutorial :iconpurdybirdproductions:PurdyBirdProductions 4 0 Makeuped Planken by Planken Makeuped Planken :iconplanken:Planken 1 5 Demon Guy by sakimichan Demon Guy :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,505 399 Commission: Libitina by PurdyBirdProductions Commission: Libitina :iconpurdybirdproductions:PurdyBirdProductions 4 1 Battleworn by shinga Battleworn :iconshinga:shinga 449 34



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Bas Montgomery
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Yup, it's good old Bas, from the US of A. If you want to know anymore than that, contact me!
(Yeah, notice the caps. Notice them. Bwahaha!)

Favourite genres of music: Rock and Punk
Favourite style of art: Ceramics and Writing... And making sweet music with my sax!
MP3 player of choice: Philips. All the way.
Favourite cartoon character: Hmm... Vash the Stampede.
Personal Quote: I am the LAST person I want to see... or perhaps the first? O.o
I recently got into a terrible mood. Nothing unusual for me- I am typically in one of my moods. But this one was different. I felt... terribly depressed, yet incredibly alive. And I took a few minutes out of the day to think, to write. I don't have much experience with posting my things online- Typically speaking, I don't even tell my closest friends what exactly I have been thinking and feeling. But this was different... I felt like I could share it, and that it would be understood by those who knew me, and perhaps by those who don't. In essence, I decided to create an "About Me" that would show how I thought. It turned into a bit of a rant, and if you are still chugging along, please excuse the bit of page rape. Heheh. I ramble when I muse.

About Me
About me... as in, my name?

I am Row.
Row- a nice, shortened form of my online name, Rowena.
Ah, Rowena. The name that I came up with, that I loved at first sight.
But that isn't truly who I am, is it? Rowena herself is my online persona, I'll admit that... She is who I wish I could be in real life, free from worry, a bit of a tease, a ready wit, a keen sense of observation- In essence, the woman I wish I could be offline as well as on.
Rowena, and "Row"- two sides of the same coin, eh?
But when the etchings wear off, what do you have but a lump of metal?

I am Myself.
Ah, that is much better. Myself is something I can use to describe who I am whenever I wish to. But who am I, inside? I know what I think I am... what I have used as an analogy whenever someone asks...

I am a clover, in a field of roses.
Plain, simple, easily hidden by the beautiful blooms around me. I myself cannot hope to compete with the roses when they are around- their fragrance, shape, and colour are all together more pleasing than that of a clover. Perhaps one day, though, someone will find the clover, hidden beneath the blooms of the field she inhabits. After all, clover is persistent. And it doesn't take kindly to weed-killers. And in the end, though you try to get rid of it, the damned thing will pop back up. Basically, it's a non-blooming dandelion. And... clover blooms make pretty strong chains when picked and tied together.

I am unknown.
And how true that statement is- I don't even know myself, not the way I should. I am a quandary, filled with oxymorons and paradoxes. I myself can never tell if I am feeling happy, sad, or something in-between.

I am a liar.
I lie easier than anyone I know- Most days, I can't tell if the lie is the truth or the truth is the lie.

I am an actress.
I hide my emotions easily, able to pull on a mask of deceit and trickery to hide how I am actually feeling inside. Most days, I don't know if the mask is the true feeling or the true feeling the mask.

I am a thinker.
I was once told that I need to just stop thinking- Just look at what has happened already, in the short time I have been typing! An entire page rape of an entry, heheh. Truly though, my thoughts ramble like this on a daily basis- I rarely have anything else to occupy my mind.

I am a wanderer.
My journey is just beginning, and I hope it continues down the path I have chosen.
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: The words on the screen.
  • Watching: The screen.


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